4x4 Inspection Services

4x4 Inspection Services

Inspecting the infrastructure of the UKs core communications and energy services can take you to some inhospitable places. When your work takes you off the beaten track make sure you have the tools you need to get down to business.

Our self-drive 4x4s have a whole lot of muscle under the hood. These vehicles will take you off road, uphill and over any terrain to get you to where you are needed most. Our 4x4s provide excellent performance, unbeatable comfort and more than enough carrying capacity for any job. Tow bars come as standard and we can provide a range of accessories for any task.

We are a regular and trusted supplier of rental vehicles to the renewable energy and telecom industries helping them reach turbines and similar structures commonly located on higher ground. Their inspectors trust our vehicles to get them to exactly where they need to be without any hassle, struggle or delay. Our off road vehicles can tackle any challenge so all you have to do is keep up!

4x4 Inspection Services


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