4x4 Hire Activities - Hunting

4x4 Hire Activities - Hunting

Scotland is home to some of the most celebrated natural landscapes in the world. The dramatic mountains, valleys and dense forests have drawn hunters to this country for hundreds of years. With a wide variety of shooting locations throughout Scotland’s rural areas you are sure to find activities for even the most adventurous hunter to enjoy.

If you are planning a hunting trip to Scotland you’ll likely be venturing off the beaten path into Scotland’s famously well preserved countryside. You would be best to choose a vehicle suitable for the rugged terrain, steep inclines and frequent water features.

Book a Land Rover today from 4x4 Hire Scotland for a powerful, comfortable vehicle which is up to all the challenges the Scottish landscape has to offer. We will deliver to a convenient location whether it’s the airport you are landing or the hotel where you are staying. We’ll hand over the keys and you’ll be soon be on your way.

4x4 Hire Activities - Hunting


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